As usual, I have been reminiscing about the olden days and my parents. I remember when they first moved from Illinois to Florida and bought a cute little mobile home in one of the many retirement parks in Pinellas county. I’ll never forget the joy in their faces when they took us to see their newly acquired place. The area had just been developed and right behind their coach was a field with cows grazing in it. It’s been many years since then and I can’t recall who owned the cows. Shortly after that, the cow occupied property was sold and more mobile housing was built. Mom and dad were extremely proud of their “digs” and kept the place up to high standards. These manufactured houses were practically self maintained, needing very little upkeep but many years later, after my Dad had passed away, Mom was looking for some basic cleaning to be done on the house. That is when she hired Pressure Washing St. Pete to wash down her “little tin box” as she affectionately referred to the house. The effects of that pressure cleaning brought the place back to life and Mom continued to treat her “baby” with tender loving care right up to the day that her health deteriorated bad enough that she needed to move in with my husband, son and me. It was a sad time for her having to leave the only home she lived in for 22 years. Realistically speaking, the coach could be renewed with just soap and water but Mom could not gain back her youth. Now that I have reached that phase of my life where I am forced to slow down, I have learned to respect what Mom must have felt as her strength slowly declined and she became more and more dependent on the help of others. My hope is that she never doubted how much she was loved.