Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to attend an Anniversary celebration for some friends that live in St. Pete, Florida. It was a big turnout with old friends, neighbors and family and I have to say, our hosts went all out to make it an event that we would never forget. The company was enjoyable, the food was delicious and there was plenty of it. The bar consisted of every drink imaginable and their hired bartender had the knack for mixing a tasty quaff. All the guests were made to feel comfortable and relaxed and the whole event was mentioned in a local newspaper as being the party of the year. I couldn’t help but notice the many and varied decorations all around the house and decided to ask the hostess where in the world she found the festive array. That’s when she enlightened me about Party Rentals St. Pete. it seems that’s where she has always gone to rent extras to enhance the party atmosphere. I wish I had known about it in the past when I was holding my own events. I was brought up in an era where folks did their own decorating and that’s okay but I think it might be nice to  take advantage of the opportunity to turn to a professional company that can help me select the party things that would give a celebration that extra “something!” Instead of just being a “run of the mill hostess.”

Maybe my guests would leave my home feeling that they had just been to the best party ever.  

I believe that is the goal of most people…knowing that all the invitees had a great time and look forward to all upcoming events hosted by the same people. I, for one, intend to follow our friends’ lead and engage the services of a party rental company in the future. That’s my plan and God willing, I will be able to carry it out the next time I have a party.