Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to attend an Anniversary celebration for some friends that live in St. Pete, Florida. It was a big turnout with old friends, neighbors and family and I have to say, our hosts went all out to make it an event that we would never forget. The company was enjoyable, the food was delicious and there was plenty of it. The bar consisted of every drink imaginable and their hired bartender had the knack for mixing a tasty quaff. All the guests were made to feel comfortable and relaxed and the whole event was mentioned in a local newspaper as being the party of the year. I couldn’t help but notice the many and varied decorations all around the house and decided to ask the hostess where in the world she found the festive array. That’s when she enlightened me about Party Rentals St. Pete. it seems that’s where she has always gone to rent extras to enhance the party atmosphere. I wish I had known about it in the past when I was holding my own events. I was brought up in an era where folks did their own decorating and that’s okay but I think it might be nice to  take advantage of the opportunity to turn to a professional company that can help me select the party things that would give a celebration that extra “something!” Instead of just being a “run of the mill hostess.”

Maybe my guests would leave my home feeling that they had just been to the best party ever.  

I believe that is the goal of most people…knowing that all the invitees had a great time and look forward to all upcoming events hosted by the same people. I, for one, intend to follow our friends’ lead and engage the services of a party rental company in the future. That’s my plan and God willing, I will be able to carry it out the next time I have a party.

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Old Times

As usual, I have been reminiscing about the olden days and my parents. I remember when they first moved from Illinois to Florida and bought a cute little mobile home in one of the many retirement parks in Pinellas county. I’ll never forget the joy in their faces when they took us to see their newly acquired place. The area had just been developed and right behind their coach was a field with cows grazing in it. It’s been many years since then and I can’t recall who owned the cows. Shortly after that, the cow occupied property was sold and more mobile housing was built. Mom and dad were extremely proud of their “digs” and kept the place up to high standards. These manufactured houses were practically self maintained, needing very little upkeep but many years later, after my Dad had passed away, Mom was looking for some basic cleaning to be done on the house. That is when she hired Pressure Washing St. Pete to wash down her “little tin box” as she affectionately referred to the house. The effects of that pressure cleaning brought the place back to life and Mom continued to treat her “baby” with tender loving care right up to the day that her health deteriorated bad enough that she needed to move in with my husband, son and me. It was a sad time for her having to leave the only home she lived in for 22 years. Realistically speaking, the coach could be renewed with just soap and water but Mom could not gain back her youth. Now that I have reached that phase of my life where I am forced to slow down, I have learned to respect what Mom must have felt as her strength slowly declined and she became more and more dependent on the help of others. My hope is that she never doubted how much she was loved.

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Junk Removal Lakeland

I’ve been thinking about this for a while….hedges and bushes. In my yard and on my neighbor’s property, they add to the ambience of the premises and enhance carefully planned landscaping.

I’ve seen hedges used as boundaries and divider lines by neighbors who live next door to each other in Lakeland. The planting of bushes between two houses also creates a feeling of privacy.

When I travel along highways that use hedges and plants to add to the city’s decor, I appreciate the view and often experience a sense of comfort and peace. I, myself, have recently had some lovely flowering bushes placed by a master landscaping artist. These plantings add so much more to the look of my home. Flowers are nice, with their airborne scent but most shrivel and die within a short period of time. Even perennials usually only have a life span of two years. Bushes are more practical for those of us that lack that “green thumb” needed to keep all flora

alive. Shrubs soak up water in a huge way and the rainfalls in Lakeland are frequent, which is a big plus for me because I can count on “Mother Nature” to generously spare me a larger water bill. So, as you can see, I have no problem with sitting shrubs or bushes except……

Spare me the neighbor who never trims the greenery and creates a front yard that resembles a forest, making the whole community look shabby. Then there are the public store parking lots, which, forgive me, get on my last nerves when the proprietors or leasing companies neglect the shrubs at the end of each aisle. I can’t even count the number of times I have seen a vehicle pull out and come close to colliding with another car or truck or even worse, nearly hit a person.

This happens because of the overgrown bushes that are so tall that they block the view of motorists and pedestrians. These businesses that are located in parking areas serve the public .

Just a thought….I usually don’t see trash or debris strewn about in front of a store and why is that? It’s because businesses are likely to lose customers if an establishment isn’t kept tidied up. It’s a safe bet that shop employees are tasked with debris cleanup or if not the employees, maybe owners or managers hire a junk removal Lakeland company to do the dirty work. My suggestion…. those folks in charge of the property should employ the services of a gardener to cut back the offending shrubs. A clear view in a parking lot is a safe solution to potential accidents.

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Tv Commercials

Something has been on my mind of late concerning my local television provider company. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I enjoy watching TV. I’m a senior citizen and retired and a good night’s relaxation for me involves sitting in my electric lift chair with a nice glass of Pepsi and enjoying an evening of television shows. I like all sorts of programming…the news (although it’s become a bit depressing this year), movies, sitcoms, mysteries and some reality shows. There was a time when I could expect to see more show than commercial but since our programmer forced customers to purchase digital boxes this year, the order has reversed. I now see more ads than programming. For instance, do I really need to keep hearing about the side effects of prescription drugs over and over and over? Those bears for toilet paper are cute but, come on, when did anyone ever see a bear wearing underwear (clean or not)? Now, I don’t mind legitimate advertising (companies have to get the word out in order to be successful) but one or two ads telling me about home improvement or automobile services is sufficient. If I hadn’t seen the information for roofing repair in Tennessee or Mobile Detailing Murfreesboro, TN I would never had known who to call when I needed these services. I’m just saying that my biggest gripe is the fact that it feels like I and my fellow customers are being needlessly subjected to far too many interruptions while indulging in what just might be my favorite relaxation. We pay an exorbitant monthly cost just to use the broadcasting service but then, on top of that, we are stuck watching promotions of products that often hold no interest for us. Like I said, once or even twice during a program is tolerable but instead I have seen moments where the same commercial plays again and again (brainwashing tactic, perhaps?) I have on occasion timed the minutes of ads versus the minutes of show I was viewing. Would you believe that during a so-called half hour program I saw approximately 12 minutes of show and the remainder of time was filled with advertising. Call me crazy but even though I guess I am helpless to change the system, I am still going to enjoy my TV time.

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