Something has been on my mind of late concerning my local television provider company. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I enjoy watching TV. I’m a senior citizen and retired and a good night’s relaxation for me involves sitting in my electric lift chair with a nice glass of Pepsi and enjoying an evening of television shows. I like all sorts of programming…the news (although it’s become a bit depressing this year), movies, sitcoms, mysteries and some reality shows. There was a time when I could expect to see more show than commercial but since our programmer forced customers to purchase digital boxes this year, the order has reversed. I now see more ads than programming. For instance, do I really need to keep hearing about the side effects of prescription drugs over and over and over? Those bears for toilet paper are cute but, come on, when did anyone ever see a bear wearing underwear (clean or not)? Now, I don’t mind legitimate advertising (companies have to get the word out in order to be successful) but one or two ads telling me about home improvement or automobile services is sufficient. If I hadn’t seen the information for roofing repair in Tennessee or Mobile Detailing Murfreesboro, TN I would never had known who to call when I needed these services. I’m just saying that my biggest gripe is the fact that it feels like I and my fellow customers are being needlessly subjected to far too many interruptions while indulging in what just might be my favorite relaxation. We pay an exorbitant monthly cost just to use the broadcasting service but then, on top of that, we are stuck watching promotions of products that often hold no interest for us. Like I said, once or even twice during a program is tolerable but instead I have seen moments where the same commercial plays again and again (brainwashing tactic, perhaps?) I have on occasion timed the minutes of ads versus the minutes of show I was viewing. Would you believe that during a so-called half hour program I saw approximately 12 minutes of show and the remainder of time was filled with advertising. Call me crazy but even though I guess I am helpless to change the system, I am still going to enjoy my TV time.