I’ve been thinking about this for a while….hedges and bushes. In my yard and on my neighbor’s property, they add to the ambience of the premises and enhance carefully planned landscaping.

I’ve seen hedges used as boundaries and divider lines by neighbors who live next door to each other in Lakeland. The planting of bushes between two houses also creates a feeling of privacy.

When I travel along highways that use hedges and plants to add to the city’s decor, I appreciate the view and often experience a sense of comfort and peace. I, myself, have recently had some lovely flowering bushes placed by a master landscaping artist. These plantings add so much more to the look of my home. Flowers are nice, with their airborne scent but most shrivel and die within a short period of time. Even perennials usually only have a life span of two years. Bushes are more practical for those of us that lack that “green thumb” needed to keep all flora

alive. Shrubs soak up water in a huge way and the rainfalls in Lakeland are frequent, which is a big plus for me because I can count on “Mother Nature” to generously spare me a larger water bill. So, as you can see, I have no problem with sitting shrubs or bushes except……

Spare me the neighbor who never trims the greenery and creates a front yard that resembles a forest, making the whole community look shabby. Then there are the public store parking lots, which, forgive me, get on my last nerves when the proprietors or leasing companies neglect the shrubs at the end of each aisle. I can’t even count the number of times I have seen a vehicle pull out and come close to colliding with another car or truck or even worse, nearly hit a person.

This happens because of the overgrown bushes that are so tall that they block the view of motorists and pedestrians. These businesses that are located in parking areas serve the public .

Just a thought….I usually don’t see trash or debris strewn about in front of a store and why is that? It’s because businesses are likely to lose customers if an establishment isn’t kept tidied up. It’s a safe bet that shop employees are tasked with debris cleanup or if not the employees, maybe owners or managers hire a junk removal Lakeland company to do the dirty work. My suggestion…. those folks in charge of the property should employ the services of a gardener to cut back the offending shrubs. A clear view in a parking lot is a safe solution to potential accidents.